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Avis, notation et commentaires - Shawnee Peak


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Courtney D

Monday nights used to be $15. Great! This year they upped it to $19. Not too bad. Then after a couple weeks into the season they decide to up the prices to $29. No warning or explanation. I reached out to them via phone and email. The woman on the phone just said “yeah we increased them but I don’t know why. However, if we increase them again but you buy them now you won’t have to pay for the increase!!!” Ive never heard of any mountain just changing their lift ticket prices mid season. It’s sad and appalling they would do that. They also charge $15 for kids 5 and younger to ride the magic carpet. Ummmm that’s ridiculous as well. Get a grip Shawnee. ... Avis complet
Changing ticket prices mid sea...
il y a 10 mois

Eric Braciska

Extremely Disapointed in decisions to continue to cut back hours of operation (considerably over last couple years), services & snow making operations. The product is not what it used to be & their staff is a shell of what it used to be as well. Most employees just seem to go through the motions in their daily tasks & are not capable nor passionate about their jobs. The service in their restaurant is consistently poor as have been multiple times in recent years. Also hiked the East Side on 12/30 & there are still lots of trees down over trails, still not cleared from storm a month ago & a large leak in one of its snow making air pipes (all rusted out). During 2 days this Christmas vacation week, with dry conditions & temps below 25 degrees, they choose not to make ANY snow. The optics are really BAD! Clearly cut backs are the priority & the product & the customer is an afterthought. The only reason I can see to buy a season pass here is it's location (convenient to Portland). Certainly not about a quality product any longer. Was at the area yesterday 12/31 & there were ZERO lift lines & few skiers considering it was Vacation Week. I am very nervous that this area is in its last days as ownership continues not to value Marketing (Product, Price, Promotion etc) nor value its employees as they continue to cut back in every way possible to maximize their profit. Their lack of belief of creating lasting customer relationships & zero value in Marketing the mountain continues to erode their customer base as skiers opt for better options. Skier visits appear to continue to plunge. They clearly need a marketing master & resources to rejuvenate the areas local & wider perception amongst the skiing community. The change in our climate associated with these backwards business philosophies (from the 1970's) will most likely do them in sooner than later. The customer is not stupid & continues to search out & give other areas there hard earned dollars. That is what we have done & are imploring others to do the same intill they make some serious changes. Sad but true! ... Avis complet
Mid Sized Mountain
Marketing is Horrendous
il y a 11 mois

Brian Ferguson

I am a Bridgton native and have been a Shawnee Peak- Pleasant Mountain customer for years. Both myself and brothers have actually worked at the mountain over the years. I now live out of state but visit during the holidays and my family of four had bought lift tickets online about a week before our arrival. Unfortunately, my seven year old son came down with influenza B while spending a visit at the Bridgton Hospital ER and we were unable to use our lift tickets. I immediately contacted Shawnee Peak of the situation and was basically told to "get lost and all sales are final." I wasn't asking for my money back but instead a credit for us to ski sometime in the future. I cannot express how disappointed I am that this mountain has an owner who treats it's customers this way. Not only am I a customer but I am a native and would expect an understanding from Shawnee Peak. So, next year, I have already reserved a condo and will be skiing at Sunday River. I will not bring another penny of my money to the mountain nor any ski shop it is associated with. It's too bad it has ended this way but I believe in treating customers better than this! ... Avis complet
New ownership is horrible.
il y a 2 ans

Michael F

I've been skiing Shawnee since it was Pleasant Mountain. 43 years and other than lift upgrades and minor cosmetic changes, it hasn't changed a ton. Its where I learned to ski and where my kids learning also. The snow making and grooming are very good. Terrain wise, the mountain is excellent for families. Although they boast some expert terrain. Most of the expert stuff is really intermediate. At 50, I'm not looking to kill myself, so the terrain is perfect for me. If you are looking for true expert terrain, head a hour north to Sunday River. Shawnee had only two drawbacks. 1) The lodge is still stuck in the 1950s. Cramped, outdated and joyless. 2) The bar / restaurant upstairs (Blizzards) has the worst service going. You have to hunt down servers and you will wait for a long time for your food. I'd you are looking for great family skiing without bells and whistles, Shawnee is great.... Avis complet
Small lift lines, great views...
Service in the bar/restaurant ...
il y a 3 ans

Izzy Fagone

It is so great!!!!... Avis complet
Sometimes long liness
il y a 3 ans

Eli Cowperthwaite

Shawnee Peak is a great family friendly mountain with lots of special events happening throughout the season. Although are adult tickets are a bit pricey for the size of the mountain, it is overall a top 4 mountain in Maine. The terrain parks are also pretty cool, with many creative features. The mountain usually has 2-3 different parks, with one medium-sized park with some good sized jumps, and 2 smaller parks.... Avis complet
Family Friendly
Not many difficult trails
il y a 3 ans

Jim McParland

Beautiful views of Mt. Washington, family friendly programs, movie nights, awesome grooming and friendly staff. We have skied Shawnee as a family for a while, and it's great. The learn to ski programs are very structured and welcoming. The terrain varies from easy to challenging. The learn to ski area is great for beginners and intermediates. For expert skiers, there are some step trails, but overall, there's not a high speed quad or a lot of elevation. The shops and restaurants in downtown are excellent. Overall, a great family mountain in a great town. ... Avis complet
Great family mountain
Not a ton of elevation
il y a 5 ans

ski bunny

Great grooming and snow coverage for a little mt. No lines all weekend. Friendly lift operators. ... Avis complet
Great après ski Saturday nite ...
Food is the regular pub fare. ...
il y a 7 ans

ann phelan

Loved this little ski area. It's in a bit of a time warp, structure wise but the mountain is spot on perfect. The conditions were great with fresh snow and well groomed trails. First off, Sue and the ladies in the office area were wonderful. I scored a super AAA deal for two afternoon lift tickets, a lesson and rentals saving 16.00! Nice trails and super instruction. Ron took me up on my 4th lesson/4th snowboard experience and helped me crank it up a notch. I oved the rental gear. My Burton LTR was a great board!! My friend is an expert and rode the park until 9:30 PM. He love the VW bus and bug with rails. They have tubing area with a huge blow up landing in a big air bag. He did comment on the weird conveyor lift thingy that is not so well liked at SP. I did not use that lift. We sat in the upper bar listening to Irish music, sipping beverages, eating ok food. It was a fun lively vibe, low key, nothing fancy. Such a pretty place. I loved the view from the top. Amazing..I'd go back. NO crowds. One little thing; they don't have a fancy schmancy lift in the area I cruised and there was a big drop at the top landing with no slow down so I fell twice but made it up quick to get back down the amazing ride.... Avis complet
Low Key Chill
older lifts
il y a 8 ans

east coast skiing is known for its relative abundance of ice. shawnee peak raises the ice bar to a new level. we have skied this mountain several times over the past 3 years and finally decided to head north, sunday river, and west, attitash, and what a difference. i was astounded at the difference after skiing entire runs with virtually no top cover ( shawnee), to finally skiing on snow at the other mountains. if you are ever tempted to make a trip to shawnee, do yourself a favor and drive north or west an additional 30-45 minutes and ski on snow. if you choose not to take my advice bring ice skates, ice axe and crampons for your day at shawnee.... Avis complet
cheap lift tickets
you will ski on ice only
il y a 9 ans
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