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I would not recommend going to Crystal mountain. For the price you pay, they don't deliver. They were mask Nazis and even got in the faces of my friends 3 yr old and 8 yr old. The skiing wasn't that great either and the terrain Park was poorly done. I also felt very limited because I got yelled at for going off groomed trails, or going in the terrain Park but not going on any of the features. I was definitely underwhelmed by the skiing part and the people there were controlling, domineering, and mask nazis. ... Avis complet
Not much actually. Maybe the l...
Basically everything else.
il y a 7 mois

Nathan Y

been skiing here for about 40 years and it is usually when I haven't been in a while and have forgotten about most of the negatives. The area is pretty big and there is pretty good terrain variance. About half the mountain is intermediate and usually groomed, the rest is upper advanced with some expert. Much of the expert terrain can be closed depending on conditions so don't bank on it. A big issue with the area is much of it has sunny exposure so conditions can change quickly after a dump. One thing I find funny is their annual snowfall claim. Crystal is on the leeward side of mount rainier, close enough for a snowshadow effect. They get less snow than just about every ski area in WA except the eastern wa places. Many years the lower mountain will be very bare until later in the season. Tickets have always been overpriced, and the parking has always been ridiculously lacking. Things are no different now than they were 25yrs ago, get there early or risk being turned away. In my opinion, WA has enough skiing to do where the snow is flying and don't worry about if it is a 'resort'. I have had some great days here, but probably more great days at seemingly lesser places like stevens, mission and the summit.... Avis complet
big ski area
just about everything else
il y a 8 mois

I have been up and down here for 30+ years. Now just awful. As the mountain has become too crowded after alterra took over, their answer was to put in more parking?? If you like long lift lines, then definitely come here.... Avis complet
Used to be a great place
il y a 9 mois


I have been skiing at Crystal for about 4+ years now - I keep returning for good views and the mountain. but, the place is way overpriced for its slow lifts (though gondola seems pretty speedy). Its usually over crowded, that combined with its slow lifts gets the lines way too long. Food choices are horrible. I started to bring my own food, but, brown-bag area (where folks who bring their own food are limited to so that they don't occupy the prime more lit up realestate area where paid customer sit) is dark and usually very foul smelling. Not even a microwave is present so can't warm up the food either. Mind that this place is strictly business and for (their) profit. Guest services is cold hearted and is really a joke... if you need help with something you are not paying for (food/tickets etc.), be prepared to be disappointed. During covid, the crowd control is absent (the "reservations" is a joke). Recently on a good snow day, almost all parking was full, lift lines were extra long, and it was super crowded! No park area (they tried something last year, but, it was horrible). Hopefully, the management will do something one of these days! I keep coming for the mountain!... Avis complet
Great Views, great off-piste t...
overpriced, really bad food, p...
il y a 10 mois


This is my go to resort. Been skiing there for over 50 years. Love the steep and all-terrain. By the way it is open. You might update your website.... Avis complet
Great off piste
Small village
il y a 11 mois


Beginner lift passes and child passes need to be cheaper and afternoon shuttles need to be more frequent pickup and shuttle service... Avis complet
Good terrain and great mountai...
Beginner passes and child pass...
il y a 2 ans

ben undefined

After buying the ikon pass thinking my kids would be free or discounted I found out that my kids tickets are full price and no discounts. It is my 5 year olds first year and they charge 40 per day. Also they have very limited beginner terrain.... Avis complet
il y a 2 ans

anonymous user

I had been skiing Crystal for years and in 2019 they went under new ownership. Since then their prices have doubled, good luck finding a place to park. If you do not arrive there before 7am on a weekend don't bother going and if you are early enough you will be waiting in long lines all day on overcrowded slopes. I am sad to see what they have become and sadly will not be coming back.... Avis complet
il y a 2 ans


This is my fifth year skiing at crystal. I get up there about 20 times a year and have had mainly positive experiences. The views around crystal cannot be beaten by any ski resort in Washington and the terrain is amazing. With acres upon acres of inbound back country (Side country) and great back country, you can always escape the crowds with a quick hike or traverse. The lift access terrain is quite difficult with 6 bowls all accessed by lifts, and dozens of chutes. Even though Crystal only has 57 named runs, there are tons of unnamed chutes and routes. Most weekends the lines are not bad or avoidable and when it gets crowded the longest you will wait is around 15 minutes. As a resort mainly for locals this is a phenomenal place to go. Of course you wont get all the amenities of a destination resort, simply because most people who ski here live in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The lodges may get crowded on the weekends, yet the management is working hard to improve this. With the recent transfer to Alterra there have been a few hiccups, yet major improvements are going to come. This ski hill has a great atmosphere with large amount of most demographics. Families are a common sight on the intermediate chairs. Powder hounds can be seen racing to the chair in the morning. Non-skiers will take the gondola and have lunch at the summit house restaurant. Teens and young adults dot the harder terrain, laughing with their friends. Though one thing that we don't have at crystal, are the drunk snowboarders all over the rest of Washington. With the lack of terrain parks, out of control, drunk patrons are a rare sight at Crystal. The apres scene is somewhat lacking in variety, but the snorting elk is a top rated ski bar and also has a nice, somewhat fancy, family-friendly, restaurant above. The people at crystal are friendly and will give you pointers if you ask. With 460 inches of snow annually, and its higher elevation, crystal will skip a lot of the cascade concrete found at other passes and hills in the cascades. And if there isn't good snow, the skies are probably blue. With the raising prices many people are concerned about value, but this northwest gem and the top of its class as a local ski resort.... Avis complet
-back country -lifts -expert t...
parking lots, lodges, and lift...
il y a 2 ans

undefined undefined

Great MTN. Steep, groomers, trees, hikes to freshies. Long vert on gondola. Don't forget the elk!!... Avis complet
On oiste Crowd control, hikes,...
Drive and PKG lot.
il y a 2 ans

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